Generative AI and ML for the Enterprise Ebook

Generative AI and ML for the Enterprise Ebook

IBM’s generative AI approach uses a neural network architecture called transformer, which when combined with self-supervised learning creates specialised Foundation Models (FMs). These foundation models allow the  development of more specific downstream Enterprise AI solutions. By building on top of a foundation model with techniques like generative AI, IBM can create more specialised AI models that deliver state-of-the-art results on specific use cases for customers.


There are 3 ways foundation models add value :

    • Get more accurate results tailored to your business domain


    • Save time and money on training


    • Bring traditional AI into production faster

For today’s enterprises that want to join the generative AI revolution, IBM’s innovative watsonx generative AI platform, foundation model capabilities, and its related hybrid cloud and other infrastructure technologies combine to serve the needs of customers. This ebook will help you understand how you can sensibly incorporate generative AI into your existing environment, diving deep into ways you can combine it with traditional ML for greater performance. Operationalise AI across Your Business to Deliver Benefits Quickly and Ethically.

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