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In the last decade, the automotive industry has seen rapid changes looking to improve fuel economy and energy efficiency in mechanical systems. These changes present new requirements and specifications for automotive lubricants. Rapid development of Hybrid and EVs with new operating conditions, along with using lower viscosity lubricants to improve energy efficiency, brings new challenges for lubricant and fluid developments, particularly for driveline fluids.


This study will explore how:


  • E-modules, including gearboxes, e-motors, bearings, clutches, electrical components, etc., bring new challenges for EV fluids


  • Synthetic base oils, including the novel-PAO base oil show excellent thermal properties, oxidative stability, energy efficiency, film thickness, clutch performance


  • High pressure-temperature viscosity testing suggests possible phase transition of Gr II/+ or Gr III/+ base oils and their blends, which could result in unanticipated consequences in mechanical systems like bearings and gears


  • Gr IV and Gr V synthetic base oils can help develop more efficient fluids for EV applications with superior properties for a safer, more efficient, and longer service life

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