7 Reasons to Modernize Your Applications

7 Reasons to Modernize Your Applications

2020 O’Reilly survey of more than 1,500 technology workers found that 61% of organizations have been using microservices for a year or more. However, 23% do not use microservices at all. Of those that do, 29% are migrating or implementing a majority of their systems using microservices.

In other words, application modernization paints a more complicated picture than the developer advocates on social media would have you believe. Many container-based microservice applications were built from legacy environments, and there’s a lot of migration to come over the next few years. On-premise bare- metal servers and monolithic applications are the starting point, and Cloud-Native Applications are the endpoint, but each organization plans its own route based on where it is now, its needs, and what is achievable.

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