Publicis Sapient and Google e-book: First Steps Toward Data Monetization

The Sixth Sense of CX with NICE ENLIGHTEN

Are you growing more customer data than you know what to do with? You’re not alone.


In today’s data-driven world, organizations are surrounded by vast amounts of data, yet many struggle to fully harness its power.


In partnership with Google, we developed an e-book showcasing how industry leaders have turned their data into a valuable asset. Take a moment to explore innovative solutions—from media network implementation to enterprise optimization—to help you gain a deeper understanding of your data and drive meaningful growth through relevant, personalized customer engagement.


Download the e-book to gain valuable insights into:


    • How to nurture, develop and convert your data assets into value.


    • How industry leaders analyze and refine customer data to create personalized experiences for each customer’s journey.


With these invaluable insights, explore how to create quality experiences that:


    • Generate more revenue from existing data


    • Create new data products


  • Optimize your existing business

Download the e-book to learn more

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