Signals Synergy for Drug Discovery

The Sixth Sense of CX with NICE ENLIGHTEN

Enhancing Collaboration and Information Exchange between Sponsors and Contract Partners


Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes are increasingly outsourcing some, or even all, drug discovery and development to global contractors. This trend brings new challenges, but also new opportunities. Digital tools designed for effective collaboration can empower your communications and harness shared expertise to accelerate drugs to market.


Signals Synergy, a dedicated discovery informatics solution from Revvity Signals, replaces email, spreadsheets, and other inefficient methods of information sharing between sponsors and their CROs, CMOs, CDMOs, and academic labs. When added to Signals Notebook or Signals Research Suite, Signals Synergy overcomes challenges in communication, planning, and information exchange by eliminating the errors, wasted resources, and delays created by traditional systems.

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