Ebook: Why Distributed Tracing is Essential for APM

The Sixth Sense of CX with NICE ENLIGHTEN

Modern software environments and architectures like microservices have the potential to accelerate application development. But in many organizations, software engineering teams face a complex environment, which makes it difficult to diagnose and resolve performance issues and errors before they impact reliability and the customer experience.


Traces—more precisely, distributed traces—are essential for software teams that have transitioned (or are considering a move) to the cloud and have adopted microservices architectures. That’s because distributed tracing is the best way to understand quickly what happens to requests as they transit through the microservices that make up distributed applications.


In this eBook you’ll learn:


- How distributed tracing works- When to use distributed tracing


- When to use distributed tracing


- Why head vs tail-based sampling is important to understand

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