We transform businesses with our output-driven data and lead strategies!


TechnoFication will help business professionals to expand their knowledge by reading the latest white papers, technical researches, case studies, and professional researches done globally. Technofication is a one-stop solution for all your sales, marketing, IT, HR, business, and finance needs for white papers, leads, and data solutions! Our objective is to help B2B businesses to achieve their business goals with ease.


We have helped every vertical across the globe to enhance their work processes and increase the ROI. Our vision is to penetrate a new client base in the countries that we haven't served yet and help businesses over there increase their visibility. We aim to help every business owner to connect with their prospects with ease to increase the conversion rate. 


Data Infrastructure And Tools

We help data infrastructure and tools vendors to reach their prospective clients with ease with our lead and data solution strategies.

IT Infrastructure

We aim to help IT infrastructure & management vendors penetrate a new client base with ease by increasing their visibility.


Physical and cybersecurity are essential for every business, we help cybersecurity vendors to increase the visibility of their services.

Server And Server OS

Our strategies help the Servers & Server OS vendors to increase their conversion rate by delivering highly qualified leads.


The storage vendors can consider our lead, data, or content syndication to enhance their marketing and sales strategies.

Software And Web Development

We assist Software & Web Development vendors to expand their market base by making their services visible to a new customer base.


We bridge the gap between enterprise application vendors and their prospective clients to increase brand awareness..

Network Communication

Network and communication vendors can gather customize the lead or data solutions to collect prospect data as per their requirements.

Business Telephone Systems

We design effective strategies that help business telephone system vendors to penetrate a new market base with ease.

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